Est. in 2016, IBOW Training is the worlds first training program that trains your shop in all aspects of vehicle wraps. We come to you and train your staff on your equipment, in your environment. This unique approach allows us to tailor training programs to your specific needs.

​As our logo states, we help wrap shops and individuals by training in all aspects of vehicle wraps: Quoting, Design, Printing, Production & Installation. Weather you are a business owner, partner or a freelance installer, we have you covered. It is our promise to promote both business and professions growth for our customers, to provide continued support and to grow a network of like minded professionals committed in growing the industry in a positive direction. 

The concept for IBOW began back in 2013 as Dan Nava (Founder of IBOW) was a traveling installer and a freelance graphic artist.  It was during this time that Dan found himself helping many sign and vehicle wrap shops with identifying problem areas weather if be proper installation, production, design, file set up, printing and in many cases helping to navigate litigation issues due to damaged vehicles.  This is when Dan realized that people needed more help. It was from these experiences and many others combined with his love of teaching the idea of IBOW was born.

It was at Wrapscon 2016 in Indianapolis where we first announced the unique concept of training shops in more than just installation. Since then IBOW has grown tremendously.  At SEMA 2016 we made an impression. Then again at Wrapscon in 2017.   At SEMA in 2017  we did live wrapping and demo's in the DUB booth and announced our partnership with DUB to the world.  Fast forward to Wrapcon 2018 where we continued are partnership with Dub and other manufactures to support the industry we love.  WRAPS VIP 2018 was our 3rd networking/party we hosted for the industry support by and sponsored by many companies that continue to support our initiative to grow the industry and the network of business professionals, installers, graphic artists and beyond.  

With nearly 22 years of experience in the sign and wrap industry, Dan found the ever growing need to help others learn, grow and succeed in the vehicle wrap and sign industry. As a result of his design and installation experiences from traveling to 42 states, working as an OEM Designer for Vomela the nations largest graphic supplier, years of installation work and his strong background in event planning, promotions & marketing IBOW continues to grown and has gained both national and international attention and recognition.

IBOWs' lead Trainer and Founder is Daniel Nava.  Daniel holds multiple certifications, is an OEM designer and an ​Authorized Trainer for 3M.

Our team of trainers and members consists of some of the industry's best.  Our team is designed to train, assist, and support our training program and initiatives.

Our lead Design Trainers are Dan Nava (Photoshop, Illustrator and Flexi Sign), Dan Antonelli (Illustrator), Mark Rugen (Flexi Sign).

IBOW is also supported by our other trainers and members to train, assist and provide support in quoting, pricing, workflow, printing, production and installation. 

IBOW is making a positive impact in the industry with our ability to provide unique training services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.  We are both honored and humbled to have many companies supporting our training programs so we can make sure our customers are set up for success.  For more information on our sponsors visit our Tool For Success page.   

IBOW also provides continued support to the customers and trainees who complete our training program.  This has proven to be a useful tool to help them grow, network and get continued support by our trainers and members to ensure their success and growth in the industry.

For more information about our Trainers and Members visit our Meet Our Team Page.

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Registration is now open for our Indianapolis installation class for Wrap, PPF and Tint.  The date will be February 22, 23 and 24 of 2021.

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IBOW will train your shop in all aspects of the wrap industry.  From design to installation, "we have you covered".  Stop losing money, learn how to wrap the right way.  Better yourself, better the industry.

IBOW Promise

IBOW by Travel Wraps Graphics' mission is to help and support industry professionals learn, grow and succeed in the vehicle wrap, design and sign industry.

IBOW Mission​

It is our promise to promote business and professions growth, to provide continued support and to grow a network of like minded professionals committed in growing the industry in a positive direction.