IBOW by Travel Wraps Graphics' mission is to help and support industry professionals learn, grow and succeed in the vehicle wrap, design and sign industry.

• How to use templates for wrap design
• Understanding shortcut keys for efficient designing
• Understanding of 1/20 versus full scale (2000%)
• How to set appropriate bleeds at 1/20 scale
• Placing “images” in 1/20 scale vector templates
• Understanding what a “good” vehicle wrap design
   should look like
• Learning letter visibility charts and their impact
   on “advertising at a glance”
• How to use layer masks
• Designing with plug-ins and filters (Photoshop)
• Understanding use of bevels, drop shadows, etc.
• File set-up for print production & RIP

It is our promise to promote business and professions growth, to provide continued support and to grow a network of like minded professionals committed in growing the industry in a positive direction. 

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IBOW Mission​

• Appropriate color settings for vibrant print output
• How to use vehicle templates
• How to set appropriate bleeds
• Understanding of 1/20 scale vs full scale (2000%)
• How to use brushes for color, shading & design
• How to design for compound curves 
• How to design from fenders to hoods, bumpers, etc.
• Designing with plug-ins and filters
• Understanding use of effects, drop shadows, etc.
• How to use gradients appropriately
• How to panel & tile in PS for seamless wraps

IBOW Promise

IBOW will train your shop in all aspects of the wrap industry.  From design to installation, "we have you covered".  Stop losing money, learn how to wrap the right way.  Better yourself, better the industry.

ONLINE - $250 Photoshop ADVANCED

January 13th & 20th - 2021

ONLINE - $250 Illustrator & Photoshop Class