IBOW Mission​


Learn how to quote and be profitable!  Our experienced professionals will analyze your service needs and offer solutions that support your business initiatives. 


IBOW by Travel Wraps Graphics is
the worlds first training program that trains your shop in all aspects of vehicle wraps.  We come to you and train your staff on your equipment, in your environment.


Graphic Design

IBOWs' lead Trainer and Founder is Daniel Nava.  Daniel holds

multiple certifications, is an OEM designer and an ​Authorized Trainer for 3M.

Complete Wrap Training!

Installation is the final process.  Making a mistake in installation will require you to repeat many processes which will decrease your profitablity. Vehicle damage can occur if the installer is inexperienced. We offer in depth training that will offer your installers peace of mind in approaching a vehicle wrap with confidence.

Vehicle wrap design requires attention to details that many seasoned designers often struggle with.  Learning how to design for vehicle wraps will help eliminate mistakes in production and installation.

Continued Support

Cross Training

Printing large format for vehicle wraps is easier than you think.  With proper pre-press techniques and the understanding of how the installer will need their prints set up for installation, you will eliminate mistakes and protect your profit.

IBOW Trainers

IBOW will train your shop in all aspects of the wrap industry.  From design to installation, "we have you covered".  Stop losing money, learn how to wrap the right way.  Better yourself, better the industry.

Production can be a stressful position at any wrap company.  This is the final step before installation.  If mistakes are made, graphics will need to be re-printed, your customer will be delayed and your profit will be affected.  Installers needs to be kept busy, so production must continue.  Protect your profit and reputation.

IBOW has an in depth questionnaire designed to provide us with the best information about the training needs for your shop.  With this, we design a custom training program tailored for your shop.  IBOW offers cross training as we feel it is important for each department to understand each process.  Cross training will help your shop sell vehicle wraps with confidence.

IBOW offers continued support to those who complete our training programs.  It is our mission to help you become successful in the vehicle wrap industry.

We Come To You!