IBOW by Travel Wraps Graphics is
the worlds first training program that trains your shop in all aspects of vehicle wraps.  We come to you and train your staff on your equipment, in your environment.


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IBOW approaches the industry with a forward-thinking mindset.  As the industry continues to grow, the need for more qualified individuals grows.  IBOW is working with vocational schools and programs in underprivileged communities to help offer opportunities to children who may not be able to afford to go to college.  Working with automotive programs as well as design programs within these educational facilities offers children the education they need to help them launch into a positive, creative career in the graphics industry.

IBOWs' lead Trainer and Founder is Daniel Nava.  Daniel holds

multiple certifications, is an OEM designer and an ​Authorized Trainer for 3M.

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IBOW will train your shop in all aspects of the wrap industry.  From design to installation, "we have you covered".  Stop losing money, learn how to wrap the right way.  Better yourself, better the industry.

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